Design your own cabinets!

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With advanced fasteners, anyone can put them together

Manufactured in Santa Cruz, CA!

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Quality materials

Wilsonart textures and colors

Ready-to-assemble (RTA)

Or we can assemble them for you

Beautiful, affordable RTA cabinets

Ready-to-assemble (RTA)

Assemble and install yourself

Or let us help you

Cabinets for Silicon Valley and the California Central Coast

Silicon Valley Cabinets are high-quality RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets manufactured right here in Santa Cruz, California since 1995. Our free browser design tool allows you to design a kitchen, bathroom or garage without installing software! Assemble and install yourself for substantial savings, or let us do it for you. The choice is yours!

Design your own cabinets!


Use our free, easy browser-based cabinet design tool. [read more]

We can assemble for you


Assembling your own cabinets can save a lot of money but it isn't for everyone. We can help! When designing your cabinets, simple select "Assembled" and we will put them together for you. Same for installation - save a buck and do it yourself or we can do it for you.

Beautiful cabinets


Beauty and durability are important qualities in cabinets and countertops. Choosing quality components can give a lifetime of functional millwork that always look great.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA


Silicon Valley Cabinets are made right here in Santa Cruz, California. As a division of Elements Manufacturing, we have been building and installing commercial and residential cabinets since 1995. We live here, we work here and we care about our community and the success of your project. Learn more about us.



Quartz, stone, Corian, laminate or butcher block, the choice of countertops is yours. Click here to see some of the available styles from our local countertop partners.

Design your own cabinets


Design the kitchen, garage, or bathroom of your dreams with our advanced cloud-based cabinet design software. Nothing to buy and easy to learn. Design, assemble, install, enjoy! Click here to begin your design. We offer RTA (ready to assemble) or fully assembled cabinets. We can also deliver and/or install your cabinets.

Garage cabinets


What's more fun than designing good storage and work areas for the garage? Design it and assemble it yourself! Get the functionality that suits your working style.

High-tech melamine


Melamine has come a long way. Today's "thermo fused laminates" (TFL) melamines are durable and the colors and textures are better than many expensive laminates. And, TFL price points are much lower! Textured melamines look great, are very durable and competitively priced. Doors come in modern slab and traditional shaker styles.

Wilsonart colors






Doors, drawer fronts, finished ends, edgebanding and even base trim match beautifully with the Wilsonart Lujo line of textured TFL (thermo fused laminate), aka textured melamine. It looks like wood but is more durable and affordable.


Many colors and textures


Silicon Valley Cabinets are built with quality materials and feature doors and drawer fronts by Wilsonart. Click here to see the beautiful melamine colors and textures of the Wilsonart Lujo series for your doors, drawer fronts, edges and finished ends. We even offer matching colors for base trim and crown moldings.

Recent jobs by Silicon Valley Cabinets

A nice living room bureau

By David Wright | November 26, 2020

This sideboard is going in a living room. It’s about 6′ wide and actually made up of 3 cabinets. The cabinet material is Black Edgewood melamine (black with a wood texture). The top is made of Wilsonart ThinScape, a new, inexpensive but very attractive and durable acrylic countertop material. If the customer shares photos we…

Built-in for a bedroom

By David Wright | November 26, 2020

Adios to the old furniture These “built-in” bedroom cabinets took the place of some old dressers and other furniture. “The design was easy and the RTA price pretty good” said the homeowner. Stand by for photos once they are built.