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Highest quality residential cabinets

Your home is your castle and it deserves high-quality, beautiful cabinets that last a lifetime. Silicon Valley Cabinets is ready to be your millwork partner. 

You will like our process

From design to fabrication to installation, our process is transparent for homeowners and contractors. We manufacture in Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz, California and take pride in creating the highest quality, locally manufactured cabinets.

Request an estimate

Simply send us your drawings (simple hand drawings with measurements are fine) and any design considerations (slab or shaker doors, etc) and we will return to you cost estimate and renderings. Click here to request an estimate




Do you have a design?


Do you know what you want your cabinet layout to look like? Send us what you have and we will return to you a rendering. Don't have a drawings? Let us help you get your concept started. Click here to get an estimate.

Made in Santa Cruz County
SC Beach Boardwalk

Silicon Valley Cabinets are made Santa Cruz County, California. We live here, we work here and we care about our community and the success of your project. Learn more about us.

Estimating costs

Making the estimating process work for you:

  • Helping with your design - we offer 3D renderings throughout the bid process.
  • Competitive prices - our pricing model is competitive and fair.
  • Countertop options - we can quote and manage your countertops.
  • A free 3D design tool - If you are a hands-on technology person you are welcome to use our free cabinet design software. Complete this form if you want access to the free web design tool.
Value-add contracts

Once we are under contract to build and install your cabinets: 

  • Accurate measurements of your kitchen, bath or garage - our field super will visit your home to get very accurate measurements.
  • Detailed CAD drawings - we will provide you with professional drawings to review, red line and ultimately approve.
  • Fabricate highest quality cabinets - full 3/4" pre-finished maple cabinets with laminate or wood veneer doors, soft-close undermount drawer glides and soft-close hinges.
  • Professional installation - we use our own install teams. This allows us to guarantee a perfect install.

Built to WI standards

cabinets and countertops

All of our cabinets are made to Woodwork Institute specifications. Beautiful, durable cabinets with full .75" thick materials come standard. Check out our cabinet specifications (materials).

Garage cabinets

3d design

What's more fun than designing good storage and work areas for the garage? Design it and install it yourself, or let us help! Get the functionality that suits your working style. We will deliver and install your cabinets.


kitchen cabinets and countertops

Quartz, stone, Corian, laminate and butcherblock tops available. [read more]

Free, easy 3D design!


Do you like technology? You are welcome to use our free, easy browser-based cabinet design tool to design your own cabinet layout. If not, just send us what you have and let us do it for you. Please complete this form to gain access to the 3D design tool (runs in your browser -- no software to install). [read more]


Design your own closets! You can even mix closets and cabinets in our custom design tool. Click here to see amazing closets in various colors, shapes and sizes. We work with Closet Magician for design and installation.

Built to WI standards

cabinets and countertops

All of our cabinets are made to Woodwork Institute specifications. Beautiful, durable cabinets with full .75" thick materials come standard. Check out our cabinet specifications (materials).

Many colors and textures



Silicon Valley Cabinets are built with quality materials and feature doors and drawer fronts by Wilsonart. Click here to see many colors and textures available for your cabinet doors, drawer fronts, edges and finished ends. You are welcome to visit our production facility to see samples from our material library first-hand.

News and jobs by Silicon Valley Cabinets

Shaker-style kitchen

By David Wright | May 28, 2024

Shaker-style doors and a quartz countertop give this Santa Cruz kitchen a bright, contemporary feel. The design maximizes the space with plenty of drawers and a very efficient trash pullout (not shown) under the sink. The glass doors and full-height back-splash add nice stylistic touches.

3D pre-finished wood veneer kitchen

Shinnoki pre-finished wood veneer

By David Wright | March 17, 2023

This kitchen is being designed using Shinnoki pre-finished wood veneer. Shinnoki costs less than traditional wood veneer because it comes already finished. When this kitchen is complete we will post actual images.

3D Kitchen

By David Wright | March 17, 2023

This kitchen is about to get a lot more efficient with a new design and custom TFL cabinets. TFL stands for thermofused laminate and has become very popular for cabinet doors due to the incredible wood tones, texture and low price point. Notice the dimension view that shows cabinet sizes in detail.

residential kitchen

Silicon Valley ADU

By David Wright | March 2, 2022

This beautiful Silicon Valley ADU uses thermofused laminate (TFL) for the cabinet door and drawer fronts. TFL is similar to traditional laminate but with more texture and literally heat fused onto the surface of the substrate. The price and durability can’t be beat and it’s nearly impossible to tell it from wood.

residential kitchen

Cleaf Noce Daniella TFL goes to the beach!

By David Wright | February 14, 2022

Homeowner-designed Modern thermofused laminates (TFL) can give stunning results. This Aptos kitchen uses Cleaf Noce Daniella TFL for a rich, wood tone with a subtle texture. TFL is a form of melamine that is baked onto the substrate and put under high pressure with textured plates. It’s nearly impossible to tell it isn’t wood yet…

residential kitchen

Two-tone kitchen

By David Wright | January 27, 2022

This house has some very nice design features, beginning with a diagonal floor orientation that points right to the cabinets! This is good design because the cabinets are Wilsonart Lujo White Cypress, uppers and Phantom Charcoal for the base cabinets. These cabinets are waiting on countertops and appliances but, in the meantime… beautiful!

shaker cabinets

A Santa Cruz Mountain kitchen!

By David Wright | November 11, 2021

This kitchen was the result of good design and material choices and Silicon Valley Cabinets! The shaker-style, painted doors give a traditional feel, with quartz counter tops for excellent form and function. Thanks to the homeowner for sharing these photos.

3D kitchen design

Kitchen at the beach!

By David Wright | September 8, 2021

This kitchen is designed to take advantage of windows that look out over the Monterey Bay. The home is tiny so good storage is essential. Check back soon – we hope to share photos of the real thing once it’s installed.

yoga studio

Yoga studio

By David Wright | September 8, 2021

Our cabinets are helping people get flexible and find their groove. This was another successful project with our friends at Santa Cruz Green Builders.

residential kitchen

Santa Cruz Kitchen

By David Wright | September 8, 2021

We worked with Santa Cruz Green Builders to create this beautiful, one-of-a-kind kitchen.