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Cabinets for Silicon Valley and the California Central Coast

Silicon Valley Cabinets are high-quality cabinets manufactured right here in Santa Cruz, California since 1995. Our free browser design tool allows homeowners and contractors to design a kitchen, bathroom or garage without installing software! Save time and money by designing and installing your cabinets yourself (or with your contractor), or use our list of approved installers. For homeowners looking for a full-service process, please visit our parent company Elements Manufacturing.

For contractors and homeowners

3d design

Contractors and DIY homeowners can use our free, easy browser-based cabinet design tool to design and install their own cabinets. [read more]

You design, install & save!

kitchen cabinets and countertops

Designing, measuring and installing your own cabinets saves time and money. Homeowners with skills (or a general contractor), can choose from our most popular thermofused laminate colors, birch or melamine boxes, soft-close hinges and glides, for amazing cabinets at a fraction of the cost of full-service programs.

Beautiful cabinets

cabinets and countertops

Beauty and durability are important qualities in cabinets and countertops. Choosing quality components can give a lifetime of functional millwork that always look great. Check out our cabinet specifications (materials).

Video: making cabinets

We have been making great cabinets in Santa Cruz, California since 1995. Watch this short video to see how we go from design to CNC machining to create perfect cabinets!


Made in Santa Cruz, CA

SC Beach Boardwalk

Silicon Valley Cabinets are made right here in Santa Cruz, California. As a division of Elements Manufacturing, we have been building and installing commercial and residential cabinets since 1995. We live here, we work here and we care about our community and the success of your project. Learn more about us.

Fully-assembled, any size

kitchen cabinets and countertops

Our advanced cloud-based cabinet design software allows you to create cabinets of any size. Nothing to buy and easy to learn. We assemble the cabinets for you and install if you choose. Click here to begin your design, or contact us and let us design for you.


kitchen cabinets and countertops

Want an attractive, durable, affordable countertop option? Check out ThinScape by Wilsonart.

We can also provide you with laminate or butcher block countertops. Quartz, stone and  Corian are also available from our stone partners. 

Many colors and textures



Silicon Valley Cabinets are built with quality materials and feature doors and drawer fronts by Wilsonart. Click here to see the beautiful melamine colors and textures of the Wilsonart Lujo series for your doors, drawer fronts, edges and finished ends.

High-tech melamine


Melamine has come a long way. Today's "thermo fused laminates" (TFL) melamines are durable and the colors and textures are better than many expensive laminates. And, TFL price points are much lower! Textured melamines look great, are very durable and competitively priced. Doors come in modern slab and traditional shaker styles.

Garage cabinets

3d design

What's more fun than designing good storage and work areas for the garage? Design it and install it yourself, or let us help! Get the functionality that suits your working style. We can deliver and/or install your cabinets.


Design your own closets! You can even mix closets and cabinets in our custom design tool. Click here to see amazing closets in various colors, shapes and sizes. We work with Closet Magician for design and installation.

Panel processing 

WOOD planks

We offer panel processing (aka component manufacture) for cabinet shops, closet installers and panel providers. Please visit our panel processing site to learn more about ways we can reduce your costs and simplify your next job.

News and jobs by Silicon Valley Cabinets

3D drawing of closet


By David Wright | April 12, 2021

Feeling brave? Design your own closet! Or, let us help you with it. It’s a bit trickier than designing your own cabinets because closets share vertical uprights. This means you have to add a left, center, or right vertical, then add a shoe rack or hanging rack, then repeat. Build from left to right makes…

cabinets and countertops

Walnut with Corian tops

By David Wright | April 12, 2021

This beautiful kitchen was designed by the homeowner using materials not found in our design tool. This is not uncommon – the design tool is a great starting place for fast, easy, affordable jobs but sometimes you want go go big. In this case, the client chose walnut veneer with solid-surface surround countertops, a beautiful,…

3D design

Home office in Los Altos

By David Wright | March 15, 2021

This Los Altos home has a large, comfortable den that will soon double as a home office. A wall of cabinets and countertops will make for efficient storage while the opposite corner has a built-in desk and rolling “map island” (as we like to call it). The island is on wheels and has a flip-up…

residential kitchen

Emily Henderson explains – what to do with that awkward space above your cabinets?

By David Wright | February 19, 2021

Style by Emily Henderson has some fun ideas about what you can do with the space above your upper cabinets. One thing we do not recommend: taking your uppers all the way to the ceiling. One problem that can occur: if the ceiling is not perfect, cabinet doors can actually rub on the ceiling. A…

cabinet illustration

Woodwork Institute: Surface Terminologies

By David Wright | February 19, 2021

The Woodwork Institute is a national organization whose primary purpose is to ensure excellence and craftsmanship in woodwork. The WI collaborates with the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada to jointly sponsor the North American Architectural Woodwork Standards (NAAWS). Architects and millwork firms rely on this proven standard as the basis for quality architectural millwork.…

cabinet illustration

Aptos kitchen designed by the homeowner – updated!

By David Wright | February 17, 2021

This Aptos condo needed new kitchen cabinets so the owner took things into her own hands – we’re glad she did! Her design resulted in a beautiful kitchen. How do you like that sideways tall cabinet on the end? We love it! As soon as we get photos we’ll post ’em – come back soon!…

tall cabinets

Garage storage bonanza!

By David Wright | February 17, 2021

15 feet wide, 7 tall – these tall cabinets can hold a garage full of stuff on a single wall! Not shown are the very cool flush pulls on a grey/green melamine. Garage storage has never looked so good!

3d design

Kitchen design: the basics

By David Wright | February 16, 2021

In the mid-80’s, Ortho Books published a series of hardback construction books. One titled “Basic Remodeling Techniques,” published by Robert J. Dolezal, did a very good job of identifying basic design concepts that can be applied to most kitchens. Here is an excerpt you may find useful. “Arrange the various activity centers to provide the…

cabinet back

The back of a cabinet can tell you a lot

By David Wright | February 8, 2021

The back of this cabinet shows us the thickness of the box material – .75″ white melamine (aka industrial grade particle board), as well as the .5″ nailers and the cabinet back. The box can also be made of .75″ Russian plywood where the preference is for a wood interior instead of white.

cabinet door hinge

Euro-style cabinets, hinges and full overlay doors

By David Wright | February 8, 2021

European style cabinets don’t have face frames. This clean, efficient look is standard in commercial and modern residential settings. We use Blum hinges with .75″ thick doors with a full overlay (meaning the doors cover the edge of the cabinet box). A small reveal (meaning the box is visibly wider than the doors and drawers)…