Cabinet specifications

Silicon Valley Cabinets gives you a choice of materials and hardware so you can build a durable, attractive cabinet at a price that suits your budget.

Cabinet box: Euro-style construction, .75 pre-finished birch or .75 industrial-grade furniture board (your choice). Cabinet interiors are PFBirch or white. Edgebanding matches door colors.

Applied finished ends. Where the end of a cabinet is visible it is common to apply an end panel that matches your door color. This applied finished end adds .75 to the cabinet width.

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts: Wilsonart textured melamine, shaker or slab. Royal Private Reserve textured melamine, slab only.

Drawer boxes: .5" Russian ply or .5" white melamine furniture board

Hinges: Blum 120

Drawer slides: Pro-glide full extension, 100lb capacity

Drawer pulls: Jamison bar pulls, available in 4 colors: bronze, nickel, stainless, chrome

Assembly: Cabinets are assembled with wood dowels, the most durable, attractive way to assemble a cabinet.

Installation: we can install cabinets for you. Choose the "Install" option when you are designing your cabinets.

Keep in mind: Once you begin designing your cabinets there are some details you will want to keep in mind:

  • The height of the cabinet includes the 4" leg levelers. A 34" tall cabinet is 30" of box, 4" of legs.
  • If you don't want toe kicks, simply add 4" to your cabinet height and don't attach the leg levelers.
  • The leg levelers can come with a toe kick cover that snaps on to the legs. For kitchens and bathrooms this gives a standard, finished cabinet appearance.
  • Cabinet interiors are white or pre-finished birch, depending on the box material you choose. The box is then edgebanded to match your door front color.
  • Applied finished ends. The applied finished end is a color panel that matches your doors - it is necessary where the exterior end of the cabinet is visible (not against a wall or another cabinet). This applied finished end adds .75 to the width of the cabinet.
  • The depth of the cabinet is the box only! The cabinet depth does not include 7/8" (.875") for the doors.
  • Shaker doors come in Wilsonart colors only. Slab doors come in all colors. If you choose "shaker" and "Private Reserve" the software will alert you that this material is not available for shaker doors.
  • Take a moment to read the Designer Help page
  • Call us if you need help
  • Call us before you submit your order - we want to review it with you

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Textured melamine door fronts, with matching edgband, give cabinets a beautiful look without sacrificing durability. These colors are available from our free and easy design software. Start designing now. 

Door and drawer fronts

Our cabinet design software allows you to choose between slab and shaker door and drawer fronts. Shaker doors are available in Wilsonart colors only.

Cabinet colors and specs

Our cabinet boxes can be made of pre-finshed birch or white melamine. The doors and finshed ends are available in Wilsonart Lujo thermofused laminates (TFL) and Royal Private Reserve TFL.

Shaker doors

Shaker doors are more expensive than slab doors and not available in all materials.

Wilsonart Lujo colors have base and crown molding available to match, as well as sheet laminate for specialty applications.

We encourage textured melamines whenever possible because they look like wood but are less expensive and more durable.

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Wilsonart Lujo colors

Royal Private Reserve colors