aptos Kitchen

Our process

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Send us your design! We will help you design and return renderings and cost estimate to you. We do not need to visit your home or office for this step.

Step 1A - we have a free cabinet design tool for DIY people who like that sort of thing.

Step 2 - If the price and design are to your liking, you contract with us.

  • $1,000 deposit. 
  • Drawings.  Our drafting department takes our design and makes full CAD drawings for your review, red lines and approval.
  • Field measure. Our Job Superintendent will visit your home or office to get detailed measurements.
  • Full payment. We ask that you pay for the job before we install it.
  • Install. We install all of our own cabinets. We do not sell cabinets to be installed by others.