Aptos kitchen designed by the homeowner – updated!

cabinet illustration

This Aptos condo needed new kitchen cabinets so the owner took things into her own hands – we’re glad she did! Her design resulted in a beautiful kitchen. How do you like that sideways tall cabinet on the end? We love it! As soon as we get photos we’ll post ’em – come back soon!…

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The back of a cabinet can tell you a lot

cabinet back

The back of this cabinet shows us the thickness of the box material – .75″ white melamine (aka industrial grade particle board), as well as the .5″ nailers and the cabinet back. The box can also be made of .75″ Russian plywood where the preference is for a wood interior instead of white.

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Euro-style cabinets, hinges and full overlay doors

cabinet door hinge

European style cabinets don’t have face frames. This clean, efficient look is standard in commercial and modern residential settings. We use Blum hinges with .75″ thick doors with a full overlay (meaning the doors cover the edge of the cabinet box). A small reveal (meaning the box is visibly wider than the doors and drawers)…

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Point & click cabinet catalog

part catalog

While the 3D designer is the most fun, many people just need a cabinet or two – no 3D room layout needed. With a simple point-and-click you can set the size and specs and order your cabinets quickly and easily! Read more about how it works.

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Capitola kitchen designed by the homeowner

3D design

This small kitchen was designed by the homeowner using the free design tool. It came out great and the customer was very happy with the price. The color choice is a light colored wood texture TFL called “Sandbank.” If we get photos after the install we will post them so you can see the finished…

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Home office computer cabinet

computer cabinet

This homeowner needed a better way to work from home. A simple design turned into this custom computer cabinet! She used her own custom top, pulls and wheels to make something practical, attractive and exactly the size she wanted.

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A kitchen we designed

3d kitchen

Not everyone is comfortable with technology. In these cases, we can help. One of our project managers drew this kitchen in about 40 minutes. In our design tool you can see the wireframe version (helpful to see shelves, etc), and a rendered version with material color applied.

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A living room side board

3d cabinet

This sideboard is going in a living room. It’s about 6′ wide and actually made up of 3 cabinets. The cabinet material is Black Edgewood melamine (black with a wood texture). The top is made of Wilsonart ThinScape, a new, inexpensive but very attractive and durable acrylic countertop material. If the customer shares photos we…

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