Cleaf Noce Daniella TFL goes to the beach!

residential kitchen

Homeowner-designed Modern thermofused laminates (TFL) can give stunning results. This Aptos kitchen uses Cleaf Noce Daniella TFL for a rich, wood tone with a subtle texture. TFL is a form of melamine that is baked onto the substrate and put under high pressure with textured plates. It’s nearly impossible to tell it isn’t wood yet…

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Kitchen at the beach!

3D kitchen design

This kitchen is designed to take advantage of windows that look out over the Monterey Bay. The home is tiny so good storage is essential. Check back soon – we hope to share photos of the real thing once it’s installed.

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Aptos kitchen designed by the homeowner – updated!

cabinet illustration

This Aptos condo needed new kitchen cabinets so the owner took things into her own hands – we’re glad she did! Her design resulted in a beautiful kitchen. How do you like that sideways tall cabinet on the end? We love it! As soon as we get photos we’ll post ’em – come back soon!…

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Kitchen design: the basics

3d design

In the mid-80’s, Ortho Books published a series of hardback construction books. One titled “Basic Remodeling Techniques,” published by Robert J. Dolezal, did a very good job of identifying basic design concepts that can be applied to most kitchens. Here is an excerpt you may find useful. “Arrange the various activity centers to provide the…

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Built-in for a bedroom

bedroom cabinets

Adios to the old furniture These “built-in” bedroom cabinets took the place of some old dressers and other furniture. “The design was easy, the cabinets are great and the price was pretty good” said the homeowner. This is also a good example of where ThinScape countertops work very nicely. The images, below, show the cabinets…

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